CT3 of CT3    CT3     on December 5, french Paris, because go on strike greatly, many citizens go out by bicycle row. Group plan / CFPcT3CT3     on December 5, gate of one subway station locks up Paris closely. CT3     on December 5, companion is pulled open as whole way big strike prelusive, much ground transportation is in break down. In addition, the public service department such as medical treatment, education, postal, fire control also joins the strike. The direct fuse that CT3  长沙做半套的地方有哪些 goes on strike this greatly is the pension reform of mark dragon government, but awkward is, france has the annuities deficit of 4.4 billion euro at present, if be not reformed, predict deficit will achieve 10 billion euro 2022. Although,will come so the purse bleed white work population, also can’t make offerings to emeritus population maintains existing well-being. The whole way that CT3   makes bigger more goes on strike greatly, be close to the emeritus system that break down step by step, sweet potato of tw高端外围预约平台o very hot hands is placed in at the moment, mark dragon must chooses. Time of CT3   France 5 days at 10 o’clock, parisian street on the road cold and cheerless special, not only the person is little, a lot of business spread downtown also already lock gate. CT3     5 days, the nationwide big strike that reforms to object retiring begins formally, insular large area becomes Paris and flange on the west countrywide traffic breaks down heavy disaster area, parisian bus number decreases on average 2/3, 11 circuitry shut the subway, date and the 1 14 subways line that have automation only are normal. The member 长沙桑拿论坛 0731amthat panic of “ of CT3     makes the people of the whole country passive rises because ”cT3   goes on strike, parisian pedestrian can choose to walk only that day, ride a bicycle or electric car, so that near future of bicycle sales volume is great,go up. In ” of party of job of “ of CT3     , somebody answers the do sth over and over again on the road to avoid to come, flat the hotel that be in a company or petty gain seeks near the school lives, or in the kin home that lives around, some discusses to as长沙模特经纪公司电话k for leave with boss or also work remotely. The Changsha person that CT3   lives in London recalls sanded lady (alias) , want to come to Paris to spend originally on the weekend, but touch on France goes on strike, airline cannot acceptance books an airliner to be not cancelled temporarily, want to book a train ticket thereby, but fare rises to go back and forth between 400 much pound. She says frankly: “ this is too no-go, I am afraid of to after going to Paris, go on strike all the time, cannot take the vehicle inside city, also cannot return London. ”cT3   does not pass, french masses is given priority to with support to going on strike. Lawyer Kumaba says: “ is really no-go go to work, but I support the strike, this affects the basic right after we are emeritus. ” artist Sylvie says: “ sets out from humane level, all countrymans should rise jointly, the mechanism that the condition ensures after knowing to retire makes a person anxious, the member that this kind of panic makes the people of the whole country passive rises. Conformity of system of 42 kinds of pension is ”cT3     the fuse that a kind of system offends malcontent CT3   to go on长沙桑拿按摩论坛 strike results from emeritus system reform. This reform involves the aspect such as pension system and work time, reforming core is will current the integral system that conformity of system of 42 kinds of when France exists different pension is a the whole people to unite. But this understands without what get a countryman, aroused a large number of opposition sound. Anti thinks, the emeritus reform mechanism of unified integral is inequitable, do not answer every kinds of profession applicable and uniform standard, be opposite especially female, to the profession with worki长沙高端模特上门ng 长沙艺水阳光三楼多少钱harsh environment, the employee with not steady work knows he can take how many pension truly hard. The country is used at the countryman 14% what the defray of emeritus respect occupies GDP, but as retiree ceaseless grow in quantity, government spending did not长沙喝茶服务 grow accordingly, this reduced the safeguard of retiree undoubtedly. The lawyer consortium that CT3   is in with me is exemple, according to at prese长沙星级酒店桑拿nt mechanism, lawyer profession is in charge of emeritus allowance by administration of consortium of exclusive state attorney, all lawyers no matter income how, enjoy safeguard of pension of 1450 euro foundation, among them maternity leave, sick leave and emeritus safeguard mechanism also calculates completely during disabling, and computation will come by integral after reform, this makes low income, disable and damage of female employee right is killed. In addition, as a result of standard of gold of apportion of applicable and unified profession, apportion gold will from before make by lawyer consortium 14% 28% what rise to set to the country, this meeting makes small-sized law place can’ts bear heavy burden, cause employee unemployment and prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. National Committee of consortium of lawyer of CT3   France arouses the practitioner of all law profession undertakes France processional protest. Chairman of lawyer consortium National Committee thinks: “ this kind of mechanism, it is to the lawyer this profession is in economically sentenced capital punishment. ”cT3     2022 annuities deficit or those who be as high as dissatisfaction 长沙桑拿会所哪里最好of be the first to be affected is staff member of public traffic system. They think, requirement of subway staff work is difficult, often go up evening shift, return so that suffer the problem such as channel pollution, should retire ahead of schedule than other profession and enjoy tallish at general occupational pension, these only the professional advantage of remnant is the government is inviolable. Be in early in September,长沙外围 小峰 france erupted public traffic system comes nearly 10 years the biggest strike. As contradiction upgrade, remonstrant diffuses to be mixed to the sources of energy, education, medical treatment, judicatory execute the law branch, strike group expands ceaselessly. The expert thinks, social movem长沙哪里有全套最好ent breaks down degree will force the reform of Xilake’s president frustrated 1995 continuously result. CT3   has poli长沙半套推荐论坛tical parties and groups to think, french government is calculated with 长沙怎么找妹子unified integral the means of emeritus pay makes the citizen does not have safeguard, the country can use pair of annual and integral different appraisal to reduce pension. Its member is critically path: The finance that “ government should give those wealthy person, investment, share out bonus gain profit applicable and same apportion gold, such we immediately can collect arrives the enter an item in an account of 30 长沙mlbillion euro, is not to take poor operation. Reform of ”cT3   emeritus system is French long-standing problem, mix as economic depression population is aged the phenomenon is ceaseless and aggravating. According to statistic, at present the aged population of 广州qt场2019above of 65 one full year of life amounts to France 1300 much, occupy France total population is proportional 20% , and this one scale is returned present the trend that rises ceaselessly. From on 90 time have the century, almost each government devotes oneself to emeritus system reform, reform the strike of the huge of situation of strong boycott harmony that accompanying labor organization and parade every time. Mark dragon government also cannot advance emeritus system evasively to reform again, he expresses, at present the government has the annuities deficit of 4.4 billion euro, if do not undertake reform, predict deficit will achieve 10 billion euro 2022, national finance can’ts bear heavy burden. The determination that its reform is to be mixed sturdily can be understood, but the position that opposes a group of people of same interest greatly each is very bright also, if cannot get the answer of governmental satisfaction, strike of that traffic s长沙桑拿攻略2019ystem will last till the cows come home likely, cause new the ” of “ yellow waists-coat of all circles of round of society moves. Travel agent of Hunan of part of   of CT3 of CT3   link already kept away from dispatch of Changsha of our newspaper of   of CT3 of course of French amuse oneself on November 29, china is stationed in French embassy to give out a announcement to express, according to comprehensive information, on December 5, france goes on strike open whole nation greatly, embassy reminds the China of the law comes in law and plan citizen attention is safe. CT3   announcement is right travel agent, more re长沙商务模特经纪人微信semble a vane. Say, before the strike, hotel of Parisian each district receives a lot of announcements that cancel to book. The branch长沙摸摸舞厅现状 also reminds a visitor related iron tower of dust humble Er, because of Zhou Si the strike will interrupt contact passageway, look around that day defer a day. Government of museum of Lu float palace is announced, time of week quarto house or defer, a few长沙桑拿会所全套 view and admire room also can suspend opening. CT3 of CT3    

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