Report of ◎ Tang Yufang comes from the other place the tourist of Changsha, land in Changsha chrysanthemum International Airport, come ” 3 Hunan the first town ” — town of Changsha county chrysanthemum, inside circle of 10 minutes of lives, complete set of silver-colored extremely big hotel is in his Ke Liuyang integrated free tax zone undertakes Changsha chrysanthemum business affairs talks, head for 100 couplet subsequently Aotelaisi shops, enjoy hairdressing SPA toward city of airport international star again, pressing down hotel of class of central staying star finally. The road that how drive lotus big public house heads for market town from the airport is neat Qing Li, town moves sleek, no matter be,come from Bacchic block, want deep and remote one’s way home of place oneself Yu Qing, still want to jump out rural drab, those who embrace city is flourishing, chrysanthemum town can give a person brand-new experience. Chrysanthemum town is Hunan provincial Party committee ” innovation leads, open rise abruptly ” advocate one of battlefield, it is Changsha faces area of core of empty economy demonstrative area, also be Changsha county ” one nucleus 3 cities ” main component. In recent years, chrysanthemum town Party committee, government according to ” Jiang Yuanfu county, actor 2 promote 3, transition upgrades, shirt-sleeve development ” overall demand, closely around ” brave should open a pioneer, expand face empty economy; Service classics opens an area, confluence plans development ” fixed position, insist to advance steadily development fundamental key, accelerate ” 3 areas one garden ” shirt-sleeve development thinking, advance Changsha to face development of technology of economy of empty economy demonstrative area, Changsha and chrysanthemum integrated free tax zone of platform of level of 3 big countries build in all share a process, society of economy of comprehensive implementation chrysanthemum flies newly. 2018, chrysanthemum presses down economy of the Hunan Province that be brought into to develop press down administration system to reform limits.
Testimony is luxuriant butterfly change, the eastpart part that build a dream faces   of empty property new city ” start construction now, really everyday an appearance. ” Jiang Mengchang of 75 years old lived nearly 50 years around chrysanthemum airport this year, live in chrysanthemum to press down tall bank village so, it is upland all round, because S207 vacates the ground to tear open change hind, she removed wall of navigate flourishing the ground, closer from the airport, also saw dragon of Xiao of airport peaceful countryside is big all round the hotel the change of change quickly. On September 27, a passenger sets out from the station austral Changsha train, take train of magnetism in suspension, after 10 minutes, arrive at Changsha chrysanthemum International Airport, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan inside building of T2 boat station / before international is worth aircraft division, he is taking a mobile phone to be swept on terminal of discrepancy condition intelligence, discrepancy condition formalities finished inside 1 minute deal with, subsequently he will sit to arrive directly at an airliner, 3 hour hind arrive at Thailand Bangkok. From June 1986, chrysanthemum airport actuate builds address of big public house of Changsha Laohua day to set, by a few extend, to March 2017, investment of the 2nd runway uses chrysanthemum airport, arrive again nowadays be open to navigation or air traffic 30 years, 33 years, it is core with Changsha chrysanthemum International Airport, magnetism float express begins operation, in relief highway of the high speed that circle a city, long clear high speed, airport high speed, gold, people east the main road such as highway of road, Huang Xing, airport highway presses down be open to traffic in chrysanthemum in succession. Plant tree of good phoenix tree, oneself phoenix comes. In May 2016, integrated free tax zone establishs Changsha chrysanthemum, in May 2017, changsha faces demonstrative division of empty economy division to hold water. Boreal division is subsequently old campus of city of attached school airport terms begins smoothly, 100 couplet Aotelaisi square is royal practice, uniCom number reads content of airport of base, Pu Luosi to shed the project such as the center to build operation, this year May, first international hotel of 5 stars class — happy event will ascend a hotel to fall again square of international of region of Hunan of community of hill of Qi of ground chrysanthemum town, the new old practice of confluence yield a city is being deduced step by step. Changsha chrysanthemum International Airport makes chrysanthemum presses down this villages and towns that does not rely on the sea not to face a margin, had compete in region economy and globalization ” multidimensional times ” strategic communications center. Future, as magnetism float express and subway of 6 lines put through, chrysanthemum town and Changsha advocate the city zone still will realize comprehensive confluence, town of farther stimulative chrysanthemum and home of Changsha implementation international ” 0 distances change ” ” without seam change a butt joint ” . The stereo transportation network that perfects gradually, collected each resource, chrysanthemum town is silent and cultivated, face empty property new city to the eastpart part again to department of urban and rural union from common villages and towns, flying ground is finished butterfly change.
How does essence of life serve spring lotus big public house definitely, drive extroversion economy to develop big development, large construction to cannot leave the service with close appropriate. All the time since, chrysanthemum town straightens a mechanism in the round, mix strength of forced releasing change, hold water long too sanded classics of phone of Gu Furong hotel opens area, Ning Xiangyu to spend stage region public house to massage Changsha county chrysanthemum normally piece the area tears open change to find a place for associated headquarters, form ask for formidably tear open working resultant force, vacate the ground to tear open change job as a whole. “Others makes late night dining room, drive nightly economy; Our battle late night headquarters, development faces empty economy. ” Liu Zhenxi of chrysanthemum town deputy alcalde introduces, 2019, chrysanthemum town whole thrust is in 40 times into area county tear open a project, the gross area that ask for the ground amounts to 15233.61 mus. In face empty an area, put together protects project of area C area, airport to match layette Wu establishment integratedly 16 projects such as eye of KTV of Changsha China extremely big hotel are begun in succession vacate the ground to tear open change, in addition, chrysanthemum town still cooperates to begin the airport with all one’s strength east enlarge early days works, in it is good to wait for the area that tear open change to do ” 3 accuse ” wait for the job. Area chrysanthemum leaves in Changsha classics piece area, changsha chrysanthemum International Airport guides domestic and international stream of people, capital shedding, iformation flow and content flow, development intelligence makes an industry. In May 2019, involve 1405 mus of range that use the land, this world of clear of 8 villagers group always brings an era fully bath of ark of disinfection of bath sauna slipper, the project of blue Cisco ability of more than 250 farmer tears open change to clear, consume the high end that makes the hotel engineering capability that has advanced peace countryside to have hot spring and standard further electronic industry group. “Fight bravely 100 days, vacate the ground 5000 mus ” , block a project again to build 31 wisdom couplet, carry on the 31 new industry group such as serious check, 3 cascade use form of village of chrysanthemum town town, innovate in all ” chrysanthemum speed ” . Enter the arena from August 1, go to 2000 mus to vacated the ground on September 25, town of 5 buildings chrysanthemum finished big public house of international of peaceful countryside Lida 3 days ahead of schedule 31 wisdom couplet block a project to tear open change to work again assignment of goal of the first phase. Chrysanthemum town relies on platform of high quality confluence, pass excellent service, gather together element of resource of of all kinds advantage, drive face empty economy and intelligent economy two-way development, lever of farther prize extroversion economy, aid push Changsha the eastpart part to open model the construction of economic corridor.
The people’s livelihood is on, make appropriate reside   of life of character of appropriate course of study ” neat replaced dirty chaos, brief Europe amorous feelings replaced agrestic breath, chrysanthemum has city taste more and more. ” speak of chrysanthemum town in recent years change, live in the Yang Ying of community of yellow cereal region to be generalized so, she what shop in chrysanthemum business street only when idle originally, often head for 100 couplet nowadays Aotelaisi takes a walk shop. Nearly two years, chrysanthemum town throws more than yuan 1000 to be in in all face area of empty economy core and market town to undertake adding phone of big public house of Jincheng city lotus green, go to green wait for afforest and infrastructure construction; Rain of garden of course of study of devoted back street of more than yuan of 1500 executive market town, yellow gardener corrupt billabong transforms a project; Invest nearly 20 million yuan to undertake administering to scooping up water pollution of Yang He of Dao He, clear. In the meantime, still finished yellow Long Xiaoxue to change hospital of extend, chrysanthemum to transform, condition of go to a doctor, go to school is improved ceaselessly, the happy feeling of chrysanthemum people, safe feeling, obtain feeling is ceaseless climb litre. Good   of where of hotel of appeal of the Changsha City 2019, chrysanthemum town continues to throw 1.5 million yuan, to pressing down group class highway completely construction is adopted ” with award era fills ” means, pull connect a travel last kilometer road. In addition, still fulfilled ” health helps deficient up ” ” education helps deficient up ” ” obtain employment helps deficient up ” ” finance helps deficient up ” ” the industry helps deficient up ” wait for more than 20 special policy that help deficient up, bred Lan Sheng hotel sod, sagacious farming thes foot of a hill or mountain to Han Tingyue south Changsha the prefectural key industry such as establish of organic seed rice supports deficient project, clear this world always installs emperor auspicious of sufficient bath willow views and admire the industry such as the fish to help deficient up to grow effect mechanism project. Be aimed at dweller of the ground that be asked for, chrysanthemum town drives the group that tear open change actively to buy room project progress, solve masses housing problem. “Town has ‘ temperamental ‘ , the life more bubble foot should have ‘ character ‘ . ” Zhu Zhiyong of secretary of chrysanthemum town Party committee expresses, act vigorously is entered in new journey, chrysanthemum is pressed down will from beginning to end according to fixed position, essence of life sends force definitely, in the city construction just faces bid the international aviation city with the top-ranking international such as Atlanta, high starting point, high level will plan the development that chrysanthemum presses down, changsha lotus Hua Tian is big while stimulative project builds high quality to develop hotel sauna, catch project of good the people’s livelihood, make Jincheng lotus big public house for common people with all one’s strength the character of course of study of appropriate of 198 fitting room lives.
Number reads   1 billion yuan 2018, chrysanthemum presses down finance gross income to break through 1 billion yuan, cross 9 years with 100 million yuan amplitude continuously went up new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. 238 ” 2018 countrywide comprehensive strength 1000 powerful garrison posts ” in sheet of a list of names posted up, chrysanthemum presses down a row the 238th, rank first of complete province. 38 2019, “Chinese mid villages and towns is integrated competition ability 100 strong ” in sheet of a list of names posted up, chrysanthemum town ranks the 38th. Town of 4609 mus of chrysanthemum advances area county with all one’s strength 40 are tearing open a project, the gross area that ask for the ground amounts to 15233.61 mus. Already finished an autograph to make an appointment with 622 at present, pour a room 390, vacate the ground 4609 mus. Blue Cisco ability, put together protects 13 projects such as project of area C area to realize to clear.

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